Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing

The Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing was established by NPC in 2013 in partnership with ILC-UK to put ageing on the agenda of the voluntary sector. In March 2015, the Commission issued its final report. Its formal work is done but the thinking sparked by the Commission is still relevant today.

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The huge demographic shifts we are experiencing in our society present both risks and opportunities for all charities, funders, social enterprises and other voluntary organisations. How the voluntary sector responds and adapts to this shift remains a vital area to explore. Thanks to our Commissioners and others for carrying on the conversation.

Decision time: Will the voluntary sector embrace the age of opportunity?

DecisionTime_coverThis is the final report of the Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing, published in March 2015 and reflects18 months of research, consultation and events.

Decision time highlights the fact that the voluntary sector is not yet ready for our ageing society and needs to adapt if it is to grasp the opportunities this will bring. It includes recommendations for new ways of working and initiatives needed to ensure that we all step up to the age of opportunity.

This is a call to arms and we hope it prompts charities and funders to change their thinking. It is now time for the sector to respond. There is immediate work to be done, in shifting our thinking about ageing and getting prepared for the changes to come.

This initiative provides just the kick-start that the voluntary sector needs to embrace the demographic changes and opportunities ahead.

Martyn Lewis CBE, Chair of NCVO

Centre for Ageing Better

In the last year, the Centre for Ageing Better has got off the ground as a world-leading hub for the gathering and application of evidence to identify what makes for a better quality of life in older age. Its principles include trying new things and encouraging innovation. We will watch its progress with interest, and that of other organisations pursuing the ageing society agenda.

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