Baroness Sally Greengross OBE

Sally GreengrossBaroness Sally Greengross is a crossbench (independent) member of the House of Lords and chairs five All-Party Parliamentary Groups: Dementia, Corporate Social Responsibility, Intergenerational Futures, Continence Care and Ageing and Older People (Co-Chair). She is the vice chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Choice at the End of Life, and is tasurer of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Equalities. Sally is also chief executive of the International Longevity Centre – UK, and co-president of the ILC Global Alliance.

Previously, Sally was director general of Age Concern England, joint chair of the Age Concern Institute of Gerontology at Kings College London, secretary general of Eurolink Age, and a commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Sally is Chair of the Advisory Groups for the English Longitudinal Study on Ageing (ELSA) and the New Dynamics of Ageing (NDA). She is president of the Pensions Policy Institute and honorary vice president of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health. Sally is also patron of the National Association of Care Caterers (NACC) and patron of Care & Repair England. She holds honorary doctorates from eight UK universities.