Reports & papers

Final report

Decision time: Will the voluntary sector embrace the age of opportunity? (March 2015)

Working papers

The value of older people’s volunteering (March 2015)

The value of older people’s donations (March 2015)

Discussion papers

The voluntary sector must adapt to changing expectations in an ageing population (p31-33) Lynne Berry in Making Good: the future of the voluntary sector (10 November 2014)

A better ask: The future of fundraising in an ageing society (3 November 2014)

A better offer: The future of volunteering in an ageing society (15 August 2014)

Age of Opportunity: Putting the ageing society of tomorrow on the agenda of the voluntary sector today
(1 April 2014)

Age of Opportunity summary (1 April 2014)

Key facts: infographics looking at the voluntary sector today and the population of tomorrow (1 April 2014)


Population Ageing & the Voluntary Sector: Key Figures & Projected Trend (1 April 2014)

Volunteering in an ageing society: perspectives from volunteers in London and Manchester (Summer 2014)

Commission future thinking workshop (write-up January 2014)


Decision time slide pack.

The future of fundraising (Ken Burnett, Commissioner).

Age of Opportunity future scenarios slide deck.




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