Case studies

Over the next twenty years society will change dramatically and the voluntary sector will need to change with it to respond to our ageing society. Here are some of the great projects working with older people that we’re come across:

  • Claremont offers a range of activities for older people all based on their vision of people having opportunities to shine and live happier, healthier and connected lives and about people mattering.
  • The Food Train provides a range of services, delivered by volunteers, to older people in their homes across Scotland including grocery shopping home deliveries, household support services and befriending services.
  • North London Cares is a volunteer network matching young professionals to imaginative projects to support their older neighbours in need of a little extra time, practical help, social connection or human companionship and has recently set up a sister organisation South London Cares.
  • Dulwich Helpline and Southwark Churches Care provides friendly volunteer support for older people in the London Borough of Southwark. . Services include befriending, over 20 activity groups, inter-generational work with local schools, IT skills transfer and a volunteer driving service.
  • The Second Half Centre is an innovative space for the over 50s providing activities to  bridge the digital divide, learn new skills to get back to work, rediscover the pleasures of old hobbies and find new ones, exercising, and feel involved through volunteering, mentoring and teaching.
  • Trading Times connects local employers with skilled local people – the over 50s and family carers. They are currently planning the ‘Age of No Retirement’ Britain’s first ever national debate & exhibition to discover the value in society in which people are living and working longer.

The Centre for Better Ageing is also looking for organisations to work in partnership with on their vision for better ageing. Their work will include:

  • Developing the evidence base about what works to support ageing better
  • Funding projects that show promise to make a difference
  • Helping projects with proven effectiveness to operate at greater scale
  • Working with the broad range of people, organisations, business and statutory bodies already working in this area
  • Use our investments to encourage successful projects to join up across the sectors to help develop enduring and sustainable change.

We’d like to hear from you if you’re doing innovative work with older people or to prepare for our ageing population. Please fill in the form below:

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